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Culture Bashing
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Time to Speak Up

by Jason Roth

I like funny shit as much as the next guy. But we're using laughter as an excuse to overlook the causes of what is so fucked up about the world. People who take anything seriously are condemned or ridiculed for being "too serious". And the fact is, there's so much wrong with the world that you pretty much have to draw an arbitrary line to delineate when you're going to stop taking stuff seriously and when you're going to relax and enjoy yourself.

It's like we're sitting on board the Titanic watching a reality show about the people in the cabin next door. We laugh at them, delighting in the irony that they're completely clueless that their ship is sinking, and the reality is that all the trivial shit they're fighting about is completely irrelevant in the context they're oblivious to. Then, we shut off the TV, see that our own cabin is flooding, worry about it a while, and then turn on the TV again. And then, more laughter at those clueless idiots next door. Yes, the world is one, big reality show.

I wonder how many people actually realize the extent to which the world has collapsed, and what is really necessary to fix it. The only way to fix it is to decide consciously to fight 24/7. It's not to say that you can't enjoy yourself and delight in the "little things" once in a while. But if a situation presents itself in which you can convey an idea central to what is wrong in the world or how to fix it, you are obligated to yourself to say something.

And saying something is really all that is necessary or possible at this stage. The results of political activism is momentary. The world needs the right ideas right now. And, just as important, the society you live in needs to know how important the issues are. You need to speak up when you have the chance. Do not let an issue go by unaddressed when your silence will either fail to correct someone's thinking or fail to communicate the issue's seriousness. This latter point cannot be understated. Even if you think that what you're stating for the record is obvious, it's often beneficial to say something, anyway. One possible benefit is that you let someone else know that there are other people out there who agree with them. Another benefit might be to communicate a point which is actually not as obvious as you assume, or to clarify an issue for someone who only has a partial understanding.

Speak, write, communicate the right ideas. If you can, originate some. Let people know that there's someone out there who doesn't plan to take the bullshit without a fight.

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