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The Bush Sept. 11 Commercials

by Jason Roth

  1. I wonder how many of those "outraged" hated Bush before the ads?

  2. How many people do you think qualify as "families of the victims"? A hundred thousand? A hundred million?

  3. According to the article I read, no specific, organized Sept. 11 group issued a statement. That probably means that a journalist contacted some of the families for statements. Was NO ONE found who was ok with the commercials?

  4. I'd rather have a president who finds Sept. 11 important enough to put in a commercial than one who thinks we should bend over backwards - make that forwards - for the UN.

  5. Too bad Bush is too much of a religious zealot to warrant reelection. I thought maybe he was just too gutless to declare a war against militant Islam. But, considering he's allowing Islamic governments to be established in both countries we've so far demolished in the war, plus his anti-cloning, anti-stem cell research, anti-"indecency", anti-"partial birth abortion", and anti-gay marriage stances, I now realize that religion is the thing he has most in common with the terrorists.

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